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Our library has a collection of 2 books spiritualists in Portuguese.

Basic Book - The Book From The Spirits

Love Never Forget You

The Book From The Spirits

From the five fundamental books making up the Codification os Spiritism, this book is the first one gathering the teachings from higher evolutive level Spirits mediuns from different parts of the world.

This book is the corner-stone of a Doctrine that has brought about a great effects on the thought and view in the life of a considerable number of human beings since 1857 when the first editin was printed.

Structured in four parts and contaning 1,019 questions formulated by the Codifier, it covers the teachings of Spiritism in a logical and rational way in its scientific, philosophical and religious aspects.

No matter what religious belief or conviction, the reading of The book from the Spirits will be of great value to the reader for it refers to God, the immortality of the soul, the nature of Spirits, the relationships of Spirits with men, the moral laws, ou present life, our future life and the forthcoming Humanity, subjects that are of general interest having a great influence on the society we live in.

Love Never Forget You

Through this awesome story, the spirit of Lucius takes us back to the luminous moments humanity has passed through at the time of Jesus, involving the Roman senator Publius Lentulus, his wife Livia, Zachariah, Fulvia and Pilate, among others.

Through their dramas and experiences of life, the reader will feel that in site of all our down falls and errors Love never fails us nor does it abandon us. It actually helps us to pul ourselves out from the dark abysms in which we project ourselves through our own ignorance.